Birth name
Josh Fabian
Lives in
California, USA

Timekube // Minimal Sessions Artists


Josh Fabian, aka Timekube, started his musical journey at the early age of 10 years old, where he started to learn to play the piano which would end up giving him his foundation of music. Josh started to play other instruments like the Bass guitar. Josh received his first copy of FL Studio at the age of 11 years old where he quickly learned to edit and make beats on his computer. At the age of 17, Josh’s love for music led him down the path of becoming a DJ, playing gigs where ever he was able to get booked and working on remixes. Currently, Josh is 20 years old, and has several releases and remixes to his credit spread across several labels. It seems as though the sky is limit for this talented young individual named Josh Fabian.

Minimal Sessions Releases:

MS005 РTimekube: Gray/Realm EP

Social Channels:

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