Jeremy Stott

Jeremy Stott
Birth name
Jeremy Stott
Lives in
Toronto, Canada

Jeremy Stott // Minimal Sessions Artists


Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. This is something that particularly holds true for Canadian native, Jeremy Stott, who over the last two years has established himself as a household name within the Toronto scene. Whether it’s one of his captivating DJ sets opening for the likes of Anna, Luciano, Santé, Luigi Madonna, Gardens of God and Hollen or his masterful releases on international labels Groovant, Selected Records,Eclipse Records, Nell and Da South, he is building himself quite the resume. Commanding a crowd has become his forte with performances at the likes of CODA, Ryze, Toika, Maison Mercer, Hoxton, and the Guvernment. If the last two years were any indication of where he is headed, you can bet your money it’s towards bigger and better things.

Minimal Sessions Releases:

MS012: David Pelayo – Paris is Burning EP

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