Birth name
Dylan Glick
Lives in
California, USA

Davoid // Minimal Sessions Artists


For Davoid, music is symbiotic with life. It is a mirror reflection of human existence in another form. It is a vast ocean of experience that can be harnessed and tuned to perfection, and in turn, can bring us to new highs and states of existence. It is medicine. It is love. It is all that is and all that ever was.

Davoid’s intention is to heal, feel, and dance through the music of others and his own original productions, which span across many genres and styles: each track represents aspects and archetypes discovered through his human experience on the road to One. Attempting to bind himself with art, he utilizes alchemical processes so that his artwork can be felt on a level that strikes the depths of the soul. We all share the same heart, and Davoid’s goal is to bring us into that experience.

DaVoid has shared stages with artists such as: Shigeto, Asa, Lord Raja, Ardalan, DAVI, Christian Martin, Worthy and countless other talented musicians

Minimal Sessions Releases:

MS021: Davoid – Lava Boots EP

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