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Bas Albers is a Dutch techno producer from The Netherlands. Bas Albers started to produce under his own name in 2014 after years of producing under several names. He released and signed tracks on labels like Funk’n Deep Records,Sub:Merged, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.ON’s label Jumpstereo Records, Steve Mulder’s Orange Recordings and Transistor Records from Roel Salemink.
Bas Albers grew up near Amsterdam in 1984. And at very young age he came in contact with techno music in a infamous small night club. These days he is making his music from mainstream till some harder and deeper techno.
To create techno is something what is every time a new discovery for him. Pushing the edges is what he like’s to do over and over again.

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MS009: Tyler Rouse¬†–¬†Craven

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