Annika Wolfe

Annika Wolfe
Birth name
Annica Wolfe
Lives in
California, USA

Annica Wolfe // Minimal Sessions Artists


Annika Wolfe is a techno/house Producer from Oxnard, CA. She has been producing music since 2013. Since then she has had multiple releases with labels such as 22 Digit records, Imune and Laza Records. Annika has has supported acts such as Green Velvet, Victor Calderone, Chus & Ceballos, Anthony Attalla, and UMEK.

Minimal Sessions Releases:

MS006: Adellacosta – Where Do I Stand EP w/ remix by Annika Wolfe

MS017: Annika Wolfe – Hollowman EP w/ remix by Sir. Roscoe

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